18 (then 18 more) Hanukkah Ideas

Since Hanukkah is coming fast, we decided to do a Top 10 on Hanukkah inspiration and ideas…and then this happened! I grew up in a Jewish family, married a wonderful (Catholic) guy, and am lucky enough to celebrate everything, which is good because as you know, I love to celebrate! This year, that means we get to indulge in all of the ‘Thankgivukkah’ excitement (as this is the only year in our lives when the first day of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving collide), and a few weeks later, we get to celebrate Christmas, too! So I guess it should come as no surprise to you that I was over-inspired recently, between walking through Bed Bath & Beyond’s holiday section, Michael’s Hanukkah inspiration station (at least that’s what I’m calling that little area), and of course, on Pinterest and online! I started creating this post and soon realized that I had WAY more than 10 good ideas to help you get into the Hanukkah spirit fast. Luckily, in the Jewish faith, 18 (chai- pronounced with a hard throat-clearing ‘ch’, not like the tea) is a lucky number, so I went for it- The Top 18 of Hanukkah…and then I had too much excitement for even that, so I made a Top 18 of Decor and Spirit, and a 2nd Top 18 for some fun gifts. Luckily AGAIN, in the Jewish faith, if Chai is lucky, then DOUBLE CHAI is even luckier. So consider us all SUPER lucky today. Whether you celebrate or not, these ideas are sure to make you want to find some dreidels and take them for a spin (pun intended). Check out the links for even more great ideas, recipes, and instructions on that dizzying dreidel game, and enjoy!




Top 10 to Get Us in the Hanukkah Spirit-


1) Napkins tied with dreidels from MarthaStewart.com- Celebrating Hanukkah | 2) 18 AMAZING Recipes from CupcakeProject’s Thanksgivukkah Blogger Potluck- Check out the Sweet Potato Latkes! | 3) Mason Jars with Dreidels and fake snow as seen on Pinterest. Etsy or DIY! | 4) Free Printable Dreidel Game Instructions from BibleBeltBalabusta- Make a kit and don’t forget m&m’s/pennies! | 5) Some clever decorating ideas from Judaism.com. Love the sparkly garland, ornaments and dreidels! | 6) Also from CupcakeProject’s Potluck- LOVE the little sporks! 7) Pumpkin Spice Challah recipe from Always Order Dessert – Great for Thanksgiving! | 8) Mini Dreidel soaps on Etsy | 9) Menorah Place Card Holders (AND MORE!) from Pottery Barn | 10) Sparkly ‘Happy Thanksgivukkah’ Banner on Etsy | 11) For the college dorm-inhabitant, apartment dweller, child, or arsonphobic- Gel Cling menorahs make ‘lighting the candles’ easy and safe. On eBay.  | 12) Personalized Hanukkah Matches- nice Invitation or Thank You gift idea from Evermine Blog | 13) Mini wrapped gift box/tealight Menorah display- seen on Pinterest | 14) Tree of Life Menorah- seen at Bed, Bath & Beyond (with a few other beautiful menorahs)  | 15)  Yiddish Magnetic Poetry Kit- a great activity for all generations! As seen on WhatJewWannaEat’s Hanukkah Wish List | 16) ‘Latke’ flipper/spatula seen at Michaels | 17) Hanukkah Mad Libs spotted at Bed, Bath & Beyond | 18) LOVE these Hanukkah placemats. Turn the top layer to light the candles! Seen at Bed, Bath & Beyond, bought ours last year at Target! |


Top 10 Hanukkah Gifts-


HanukkahGiftsCollage1) The Best Hanukkah Gifts for Kids on Lilsugar.com  | 2) ‘Ahava’ means Love in Hebrew. Necklace seen on WhatJewWannaEat’s Hanukkah Gift Guide. | 3) ‘Oy to the World’ Baby Onesie on CafePress- SO many amazing designs for Hanukkah! | 4) L’Chaim Burlap Wine Bag from Swoozies. | 5) WhatJewWannaEat’s Hanukkah Wish List Post. Diamond Aleph Bet letter necklace. | 6) ‘The Gefilte Fish’ for your favorite pet! When squeezed, it says ‘Oy Vey’ and bubble sounds play. Found on eBay. | 7) The Hanukkah Ugly Christmas Sweater from TipsyElves | 8) Alex & Ani Star of David bangle | 9) ‘I Celebrate Both!’ Christmukkah Baby Onesie on CafePress 10) ‘You Had Me at Shalom’ mug seen at Michael’s | 11) Pandora’s Star of David sterling silver charm for a bracelet or a necklace | 12) I Love You A Latke baby onesie on Etsy  | 13) Dreidel Crayons from Swoozies | 14) ‘Schlep’ definition tote as seen on WhatJewWannaEat. 15) ‘Real Men Make Latkes’ apron on ShalomLife.com from Zazzle | 16) Hot Chocolate Kits seen EVERYWHERE. A great DIY for the holidays. | 17) Dancing Rabbi, plays and dances to Hava Nagila when you press the button on his foot. Great for your bubbe (grandma) or for the kids at your Hanukkah party! Seen at Bed, Bath & Beyond. | 18) Tervis makes a 16 oz. tumbler with a Star of David and the word Chai (in hebrew) around the top. We love Tervis, so of course this caught my eye! Seen at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I thought about adding the infamous menurkey, but since it’s sold out, I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up! You can still feel free to check it out if you’re curious by clicking here.

Have you seen any other fun ideas for Thanksgivukkah? 



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